Visual communication is fundamental to my life. Each and every piece in which I create provides me with a vehicle for my creative voice and acts as a means of self-expression.

In exploring my range of possibility in expression, I continue to experiment with various media including pastels, acrylics, and watercolors. And despite these experiments I retain traditional elements of sensibility ­­in my work – when I first touched oil paints many years ago, I was captivated, and that captivation remains with me every time I pick up the brush. I love the freedom and depth oil offers in transforming an idea from abstract, lifeless image to one of wonder, awe, and sincerity.

My style involves painterly brush strokes with rich impasto as photo-realism is not my goal. My aim is to capture the viewer’s attention by evoking raw, unguarded emotion through the use of warm hues with profound intensity. Leonid Afremov has been my inspiration as his impressionistic style and ability to use large strokes with such precision in his landscape paintings is breathtaking. I get lost in his work as it takes me to another world; a world of beauty and serenity. Especially in uncertain moments, Afremov’s work provides me with a beacon that reminds me of the innate power of art. 

As a never-ending traveller, my main focus has been the transformation of landscapes from photos I have captured around the world. My paintings bring me back to those moments and allow other people to be a part of them in a way that photographs cannot. I find great satisfaction in pursuing this relatively ancient medium, and being able to evoke so much power through it. In a time when the ubiquity of the photograph makes a flipbook of a life-changing journey, I believe paintings are increasingly capable of reaching through the static and offering sincere intersubjectivity. 

After every few landscapes I paint, I remove myself from my comfort zone and push myself by painting something foreign to me. As an artist, I believe it’s important to meet challenge directly. As art and life bloom one out of the other I embrace my challenges in order to grow - avoiding stagnation at every level ranging from the technical to the essential. While much of the world seeks an avenue of escape, art has provided me with an entrance. An entrance into exploring my subject, my materials, my world, and ultimately my self.